Spring Photo Challenge

Hit me with your best shot!

Enter Simply Elevate Magazine’s first ever photo contest. There will be four winners judged in these four categories:

  • Portrait
  • Nature
  • Black & White
  • Digital Designs

We are looking for excellent composition and creativity. We ask that for the Portrait, Nature and Black and White entries have only minimal editing. For Digital Design category, Go Crazy. You can create a compilation from several pictures to make one image, HDR, heavy editing etc. Winning photos will be published in the April 2013 issue of Simply Elevate Magazine.

To Enter this contest, click on “ENTER THE CONTEST” below. On the next page click on “POST PHOTO”


Enter the Contest

2 comments on “Spring Photo Challenge

  1. Ron Allen on said:

    Hello I am interested in being your travel writer. This photo is a great intoduction.

  2. Shanon on said:

    I really had to show this unique blog post, “Simply Elevate
    Magazine | Uplifting Artistic People” together with my personal friends on facebook.
    I just simply wanted to disperse ur terrific writing! Thanks, Shanon

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