This issue features an exciting article about the CliQ Network by Quianna Ali, articles by Andrea Horne, S.K. Ward and more. Read model Alexandria Cruz, Teal Boutique, Photographer RebeccaMarie Reynolds, A Taste of Charlotte and more. Enjoy a great recipe from the Chewish Kitchen and get inspired by Uraina Storey’s triumph.

We also have some great photography by Chris Shoenfeld, Don Harris, Daniel Valverde, Jay Humble, Danta simonsen and others. Visit our sponsors, CL3 Agency, Fosnet Self-Defense & Surveillance Systems and Proficient Business Solutions. Please support them by visiting:,, and

28 comments on “Magazine

  1. Terri Swopes on said:

    Wow! This is packed with inspiration, spiritual support and wonderful ideas to build a healthier life! I love it! Thanks Keith Foster for sharing this with me!

  2. jacob Lackerson on said:

    This was awesome… I like it.. no I love it.

  3. One of the most uplifting and well written publications around. Well done.

  4. Janeta Foster on said:

    I enjoyed reading very much. Looking forward to next publivation. Something for everyone.

  5. Kristian Foster on said:

    Very interesting and informational magazine. In my opinion Keith Foster is the best photographer in the magazine. I’m biased however, because my Keith Foster is my Dad. Proud of you Dad. Keep up the good work!

  6. LaTaunya Winters on said:

    Nice cover, so energetic, so fresh and alive! Congratulations on the launch! Elevate in deed in 2013!

  7. Vicky Mick on said:

    Keith Foster I am so glad you invited me to this magazine, awesome, thank you.

  8. Great magazine. I must say, I was impressed and loved the diversity. Keep up the good work. Shout out to Peace, great read!!!!

  9. Ron Wallace on said:

    My wife & I enjoyed your magazine very much…Especially Keith Fosters spread…Very talented…

  10. Mary Barnett on said:

    Great Job. Congratulations. Thanks, Keith Foster for sending me the link.

  11. Stumbled upon this magazine searching online in Texas, and I have been truly amazed at what I have seen. Simply Elevate team you have put out a great magazine and I can’t wait to see the next edition!

    • Candace on said:

      Thanks! Let us know if there is something interesting we can cover. Bands do travel around the country. We’d love to hear from you!

  12. Latasha Walker on said:

    I love the magazine,this will be a BIG success. I’m a fan for sure….

  13. Kenneth Scales on said:

    Derek you and your staff have done a great job with the magazine, looking forward to the next issue.

  14. Tony Graham on said:

    To all members of the Simply Elevate family, I want to extend my appreciation for helping see this project to fruition. I am grateful for being able to be a part of this journey. Derek, Candace and their entire team should be applauded for their efforts and very proud of the product that has come forth. This is a much needed publication. Stay tuned for more great things from this group. God bless the team, its readers and supporters.

  15. Kay Taylor on said:

    This was an amazing read. Congrats on your 1st issue and I’m eagerly waiting to read more. You all did an awesome job.

  16. Marshetta Davis on said:

    I am loving Simply Elevate! The reads, the visuals, speechless . . . .
    Marshetta Davis

  17. Janeta Foster on said:

    Been waiting for the February issue and was not disapointed. Stories from the heart of love and commitment give us all encouragement, yes true love is real. Happy valentines day to.all.

  18. Janeta Foster on said:

    I really enjoyed the article by Kimm Foster. “Elenor’s Story” The stoy of the kimono that got her started was sweet. We just never what will trigger our artistic expression. Photos by Keith beautiful as well. Keep up the good work.

  19. Chenner L. Smith on said:

    I would like an article done on “Akea Essential”. The company that sell this product is based in North Carolina. I think it would be a good article for your readers. This product will help jumpstart a healthy life for them.

  20. Faith Bounds on said:

    Wow! It’s so inspiring to see all the beautiful comments everyone has left for the team! I am so proud to be a part of the Simply Elevate family and it’s refreshing to see that the Feb. issue has truly touched the hearts of so many people. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in the March Edition and for the rest of the year. God is so good! My thanks go to the rest of the team and especially to the creative team and to Candace and Derek for allowing me not one but two spots in the magazine in the last issue. It means so much to have not only my own words elevated but to see what others have been able to accomplish as well. :) Keep up the great work everyone! Let’s do this! WOO!

  21. Angel B. on said:

    I love my career with Simply Elevate Magazine.

  22. Kristy Yamagucci on said:

    I am so excited to have you guys at our show for coverage, looking at the magazine just confirms how great this will be, please keep up the great work and we will see you in April!

  23. Freda Kwit on said:

    I could not resist commenting. Very well written!

  24. on said:

    I really want to know precisely why you labeled this article, “Simply Elevate Magazine | Uplifting Artistic People”. Regardless I adored the article!Thanks for your effort, Rodney

  25. Love the photography of Danta Simonsen! What a great addition to the magazine and to the team. I can’t wait to see more of her work!

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