About Valentine’s Day…

Can We Step in the Name of Love?


Angel M. Barrino

It is that time of year again, one of the most popular days of the year – Valentine’s Day.  A day for lovers;  a day in which people spend hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars to express their undying love, affection or appreciation to others.   It is a day filled with passion and excitement; excitement that lingers long after the day has ended.   Flowers everywhere, balloons, stuffed animals, baskets, chocolates, jewelry and more – all in the name of love.

Love is beautiful in any form – even though most of what we see on Valentine’s is romantic love.  While romantic love is so important, I admonish people to also focus on brotherly love and kindness towards all.  Additionally focus on loving self – which is important before being able to express love to anyone else.  Affection and appreciation are two things that most people truly want.  Everyone will not have a significant other or spouse to spend Valentine’s Day with but everyone has a friend or a relative they can show love to.  Take the time to spend quality time with those you love, as time is numbered and we cannot get any past moments back.  Cherish those you love and choose to love them where they are.  Do not attempt to change anyone for the sake of them loving you the way you want to be loved, rather love them the way Christ would love you and no mistakes will be made……

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Derek Palmer, owner of Derek Palmer Photography and Simply Elevate Magazine is a native of High Point, N.C. He graduated from N.C. A&T State University with a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering but always had a passion for the visual arts. He's married to his high school sweetheart, Candace Palmer. Now, by the grace of God, he brings us Simply Elevate Magazine!

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